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Steering Wheel Vibrations.

When your steering wheel begins to shake, it’s a dead giveaway that something is wrong with your vehicle, it may make driving needlessly unpleasant and even unsafe. If the road is smooth but your ride is still jerky, there’s nothing to blame except for the vehicle itself.

Waiting for the problem to go away will only make matters worse.

We highly advise you take action as soon as possible and get your vehicle checked, when you notice continuous vibrations through your steering wheel then please get in touch with our specialist team by calling 01869 320032.

Is Your Steering Wheel Shaking When You Brake?

If your steering wheel vibrates or shudders when you use the brake, it’s an indication that your braking system isn’t working correctly.

For starters, it’s possible your brake discs may need to be replaced. Brake discs play a crucial role in your braking system; they cause your car to slow when the brake pads are applied against them. If the surface is uneven or the discs are failing, it can cause extra friction and shaking when the brake pads press down on them. If you do need to replace your brake discs, it’s recommended to replace them in pairs.

Is Your Steering Wheel Shaking At High Speeds?

Another component of your braking system that may contribute to steering wheel vibration is the brake caliper. Similar to a clamp, your calipers house the brake pads, brake pistons and brake fluid.

They’re essential for producing friction on your braking discs, which slows them down. When approaching 40 mph or higher, if the calliper sticks, it might produce vibration or shaking. The quicker you travel, the worse it gets, and you could notice a weird odour as well.

Your tyres might also be causing your steering wheel to wobble at high speeds. This is one of the most prevalent causes of steering wheel tremors, and it typically indicates that the tyres are out of balance or out of alignment.

If this is the case, you may experience shaking at speeds of 50 to 60 mph. If you want to be sure that tyres are to blame, look at the tread lines to see if they’re unevenly worn, or see if you’ve done anything that may have caused a misalignment.

Even if you inspect your tyres yourself, it’s a good idea to get them checked out and/or changed at your local garage, since it’s possible that it’s time for a tyre alignment or balance. 

Steering Wheel Vibrations

Is Your Steering Whell Vibrating When You Turn?

There are several reasons why steering wheels squeal when spinning, but what happens when they shake? It might be a problem with your wheel bearings. The bearings help your wheels to spin smoothly, but if they’re damaged, fractured, worn, or corroded, friction or shaking might occur.

Bearings link to your wheel axle or hub, so if something goes wrong with them, it has a direct influence on the drive shaft (and steering wheel). If your steering wheel shakes just when you turn, it might be due to a problem with the bearings; if it shakes at other times, it could be due to one of the other causes stated below.

Whether the bearings are damaged or only require cleaning and lubrication, it’s a good idea to give us a call on 01869 320032.

Does Your Steering Wheel Shake When You Accelerate?

If your steering wheel shakes while you accelerate, it might be due to a problem with your suspension system. Unbalancing, loose connections, rusted or corroded parts, and/or irregular wear can all occur when everything isn’t operating properly. This might manifest itself as steering wheel tremors when increasing or holding a set speed, or it can occur at seemingly random moments.

Whatever the situation may be, a comprehensive check of your suspension system is recommended to determine whether it is the cause of your steering wheel tremors or not.

Additionally, regular routine servicing and maintenance is crucial for increasing your vehicles longevity and maximising its performance. Not only does it work to rectify any current wear and tear in your vehicle, but it also effectively aids in preventing further damage from presenting itself in the future.


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