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Worn Wheel Bearings.

At first glance car wheels look so simple, surely there can’t be much to fail? But actually, plenty can go wrong, from incorrect balancing to worn or even broken wheel bearings. It’s often very difficult to figure out what is and isn’t wheel bearing trouble but there are some giveaway signs.

How do you know you’ve got a worn wheel bearing?

Although every wheel has bearings, it’s extremely unlikely they will all fail at once. Due to road conditions, how you drive and vehicle weight loads, the chances are, one will wear out before the others. There are several tell-tale clues that this has happened and it’s recommended you seek the assistance of a local garage as quickly as possible.

An early sign is abnormal tyre wear on one wheel but you might also identify an unusual noise, so listen out for a grinding sound that happens whenever the wheels are turning. You might even feel a vibration through the steering as the wheel with the worn bearing moves from side to side slightly on the hub.

Are worn wheel bearings dangerous?

The simple answer is yes. You may not notice a worn bearing and if you do, it might just be vaguely irritating. But if it fails, the wheel could seize and depending on your speed or the driving conditions you might lose control of the car.

If you’re in any doubt, then please make an appointment and bring your vehicle to one of our Reliance Bicester professional technicians. Saftey First!

How do wheel bearings function and what could happen if they fail?

Bearings are a crucial part of every wheel, allowing the hub that the wheel is mounted upon to turn freely. In the same way, your child’s inline skates operate, your vehicles wheel bearings are pretty much the same thing.

Imagine a pair of different diameter metal rings, one inside the other, with a series of ball bearings sitting snugly between them and you’ve pretty much got it. The wheel is attached to these bearings which help it to spin perfectly round on the axle.

However, bearings lead a hard life and are therefore very susceptible to general wear and tear, corrosion etc. Wheel bearings take a pounding when a car goes along a rough road, especially when you consider all the pothole impacts they now have to contend with.

They get water in them when it’s raining or you go through a deep puddle. Plus, if your wheels aren’t balanced properly, it’s the bearings that bear the brunt from that constant uneven rotation.

The repair and how much it costs depends on which axle the bearing is on and of course the make and model of your vehicle. But it requires removing the brakes and partially taking the wheel hub and axle apart, so it’s not a quick fix.

That said, if you have concerns, it’s imperative for your safety and that of other road users you at least have your wheel bearing inspected. Don’t delay, simply contact us by calling 01869 320032 and our qualified technicians will happily complete an inspection and health check.

Worn Wheel Bearings, Contact Reliance Bicester For Repairs

Additionally, regular routine servicing and brake checks are crucial for increasing your vehicles longevity and maximising its performance. Not only does it work to rectify any current wear and tear in your vehicle, but it also effectively aids in preventing further damage from presenting itself in the future.


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Our fully-equipped garage enables us to undertake MOTs and inspections on all vehicles in the Class IV, V & VII categories and we have the technical expertise to work on models of any type and age.

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Car servicing is essential for keeping your vehicle well-maintained and in the best possible condition. Although not a legal requirement like MOTs, full annual servicing is highly recommended to increase the life-span of your vehicle and reduce the need for major car repairs.

Wheel Alignment

If you’re concerned about your vehicles wheel alignment, our latest equipment uses advanced technology making even 4 wheel alignment more accurate.

Breaking Systems, Discs & Pads

Brakes that function and operate smoothly are extremely important to ensure a safe driving experience. Brake discs & pads are crucial components of your car’s braking system and keeping them in optimal working condition is vital for the safety of both you and other drivers around you.

Vehicle Diagnostics & Repair

If you have a vehicle fitted with an Engine Control Unit (ECU), our qualified technicians can carry-out advanced car diagnostics and run your car through an ECU code reading machine, which will produce a unique report indicating if any further work needs to be done.

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If you’re vehicle is experiencing vibrations or your vehicle is pulling to one side, then it’s time to check your brakes, suspension, steering or tyres.

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Whether it’s an electrical fault or a worn clutch, a transmission or suspension problem, our experienced technicians can quickly diagnose and repair your vehicle.

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For safety reasons, it is recommended that you replace your tyres before the legal limit is reached. As an official partner of BlackCircle tyres, let us quote you.

Regular vehicle servicing and maintenance should also be done to avoid future inconvenience and unfortunate incidents on the road like sudden breakdown etc. It is wise to schedule and book a routine service to ensure your vehicle is always running smoothly whilst also protecting your safety on the road.

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