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Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Servicing & Repairs

Reliance Auto Test based in Bicester, are one of the first independent garages IMI certified as hybrid and electric vehicle repairers. As a business we continually look to the future of motoring and as a result, our trained technicians hold the latest in IMI-approval and certification, which enables them to safely repair and work on the high voltage systems found on modern hybrid and electric vehicles.

We’re confident that our trusted team provide all the services that a hybrid or full electric vehicle owner needs, so please get in touch today by calling 01869 320032.

Professional Car Servicing

Our technicians utilise the latest diagnostic tools to help identify and repair any issues so that your vehicle runs smoothly and efficiently for its whole lifespan. The majority of other independent garages aren’t trained or qualified to work on Hybrid or Electric vehicles but be comfortable that we offer an extremely affordable alternative to the more expensive main dealers and national chains.

We have the latest diagnostic tools and equipment to ensure that your hybrid or electric vehicle remains safe; both for you and for other road users.

At Reliance Bicester we believe these vehicles are the way forward, not only are they environmentally friendly, they are incredibly cheaper to maintain than petrol or diesel cars and have a lot less components for servicing, maintenance or repair. That said, should your Hybrid or Electric vehicle encounter problems, require a service or maybe some simple general maintenance, then it is imperative you engage qualified and trained specialists and that’s when we hope you’ll contact Reliance Auto Test, Bicester. We’re here to help!

Reliance Auto Test offers competitive prices on all car servicing and car repairs. We’re a trusted RAC Approved garage, fully insured and able to personally guarantee all our parts & labour.

EV & Hybrid Servicing and Repairs at Reliance Bicester

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EV & Hybrid Servicing and Repairs at Reliance Bicester
EV & Hybrid Servicing and Repairs at Reliance Bicester
EV & Hybrid Servicing and Repairs at Reliance Bicester
What is a Hybrid vehicle?

What Is A Hybrid?

A hybrid car, in the simplest terms, is one that uses two different energy sources to maximise efficiency. This usually means combining electrical energy stored in batteries, with the combustion energy of petrol or diesel fuel.

Some systems just use the combustion engine as a generator. These cars are known as range-extender or “Series Hybrids” and are driven exclusively by electric motors, with the internal combustion engine providing no direct drive. Other hybrid cars have electric motors that can operate simultaneously with an internal combustion engine or set-ups that can alternate between the two.

Full Hybrid “Parallel Hybrid”

A full hybrid or ‘parallel hybrid’ uses both the combustion engine and electric motors to drive the car, either simultaneously or independently. The most common type of hybrid vehicle, full hybrids can typically hold small amounts of electric charge. This can be used to provide extra power which is employed in conjunction with a combustion engine, thus improving its fuel economy. As the electric motors are built into the drivetrain, a full hybrid can also switch to run in electric-only mode, although usually just at low speeds for driving around town and for very limited distances as the batteries are relatively small. However, the small size of the batteries does mean they can be charged to full capacity quickly by the engine, and there’s never any question of range anxiety. Even if the batteries are completely flat, you can always drive on petrol – or diesel – alone.

EV & Hybrid Servicing and Repairs at Reliance Bicester

Plug-in Hybrid "PHEVs"

A plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (or PHEV) is a hybrid which, as the name suggests, can be plugged in to charge its electric batteries. It basically moves the full hybrid concept closer to that of a full-electric vehicle, by adding bigger onboard batteries that can be charged from an external power source, and thereby provide a much better electric-only range than you’d get from a full hybrid. By charging your EV’s batteries overnight, you can start your commute with a full charge and take full advantage of the silent, fuel-saving electric driving mode. Owners who rarely exceed their car’s electric-only range (usually around 30 miles) in a typical day, or who can recharge at their destination before returning home, can theoretically run a plug-in hybrid without ever using its petrol engine.

Discuss Your Hybrid or Electric Vehicle

As more of us switch to Hybrid & Electric vehicles, it’s essential we find a trusted garage to service and maintain our EV’s. At Reliance Auto test our trained, qualified technicians are ready to help maintain your vehicle, plus as an independent garage all our servicing and repair costs are far more affordable than the expensive main dealers.

Get in touch today by calling 01869 320032 and discover for yourself how our friendly team can help.

RAC Approved Garage

As an RAC approved garage our customers have the peace of mind, that our professional technicians can be trusted to provide the best advice concerning your vehicles faults and repairs. Plus, we’ll do our upmost to get you car back on the road quickly.


Vehicle Diagnostics

If you have a vehicle fitted with an Engine Control Unit (ECU), our qualified technicians can carry-out advanced car diagnostics and run your car through an ECU code reading machine, which will produce a unique report indicating if any further work needs to be done.


Warning Lights

As car technology continues to evolve, our dashboards become cluttered with warning lights and new symbols. Owner manuals increase in size and we spend less time ourselves maintaining our vehicles. If you’ve recently seen a new warning light, please don’t ignore it – Give us a call